How To Make Money From Solar Panels | 9 Profitable ways

At the end of the day, installing a solar system on your roof is all about gaining independence from your utility company. We all want to keep our hard-earned money instead of constantly paying off electricity bills, after all. So, today, let’s talk about how to make money from solar panels because, honestly, I’m tired … Read more

How To Test Solar Panels | A Comprehensive Guide

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Should I Get More Solar Panels Than I Need?

By now, I’m sure you know that solar panels reduce your electricity bills but, in many cases, they might not always bring your bills down to zero. This makes you wonder: “Should I get more solar panels than I need? Would a larger solar panel system mean lower bills?” Well, it depends. There’s no universal answer to … Read more

WA Solar Panel Rebates: Maximise Your Savings in 2023

Just recently, Western Australia has achieved the remarkable feat of supplying 72% of its power demands using rooftop solar. This can be credited largely to the generous solar panel rebates in WA that make installation more affordable. Solar rebates, otherwise known as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), significantly reduce the upfront cost of solar panel installations. Additionally, eligible … Read more

Solar Energy: The Solution to Rising Energy Costs

Australian households struggle to keep up with the cost of living as fuel and food prices escalate. Adding to the financial pressure on the budget is the rising cost of electricity and gas, which is predicted to continue its upward trend according to Barrenjoey Markets Pty Ltd. (1) According to Barrenjoey calculations, on average, Australian … Read more

Solar Energy: How It Can Benefit You and Your Appliances

Did you know that solar energy is not only environmentally friendly, but can also save you money on your electric bill? Solar energy has been around for centuries but has become more popular in recent years as the cost of solar technology has decreased. In this article, the team from Local Bunch in Australia will discuss how … Read more