What Are The Most Efficient Solar Panels In Australia?

Solar panel efficiency refers to how much of the sunlight it receives it can convert into solar power. So, if a solar panel is rated to have 20% efficiency, that means it can convert 20% of the sunlight it receives into solar power. Needless to say, the higher the efficiency, the better the solar panel … Read more

Best Solar Feed-In Tariff – WA | Profit From Solar Energy

Western Australia isn’t like any other part of the country in terms of energy. More specifically to this topic, WA technically doesn’t have feed-in tariffs. Instead, residents here enjoy the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (or DEBS for short). WA also only has 2 options for energy retailers: Synergy and Horizon Power. Both of them offer … Read more

Do Solar Panels Interfere With Wifi, TV, And Phone Reception?

Some people experience WiFi signal issues after installing their solar systems. A good chunk of our lives has us relying on technology, so it’s certainly cause for concern. But is it even true? Do solar panels interfere with WiFi, TV, and phone reception? Nope. Solar panels merely convert sunlight into solar power. They don’t produce … Read more

What Are Tier 1 Solar Panels? | Here’s Why They Matter

So you’re looking for a module with quality, efficiency, and durability that punches above its price. This led you to tier 1 solar panels but, truthfully, it’s likely not what you think it is. Rather than being superior to every other solar panel, earning the “tier 1” moniker says more about the manufacturer than the … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Insure Solar Panels?

The fast-track version is this: It won’t cost you a single dollar to get your solar panels insured because your home and contents insurance policy covers it already.  However, your policy’s premium will likely go up to account for the increase in your property’s value as well as the cost of potential repairs.  Now, there … Read more

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

Many Australian homeowners are still hesitant about investing in them due to the high upfront cost of installation and uncertainties about the impact on their property’s value if they decide to sell it. So, the question is, do solar panels actually increase the value of a home? The short answer to this question is YES, … Read more