Solar Systems Perth, WA | They’re Worth Every Dollar

Let’s dive right into it. Absolutely, it’s a wise decision to install solar panels in Perth, WA. After all, Perth is renowned for its abundant sunshine, averaging around 8.8 hours of sunlight per day, ensuring a rich source of renewable energy for your solar power system. Additionally, in Perth, it’s easy to find certified solar … Read more

Solar Panels NSW | A Comprehensive Guide for New South Wales

Let’s get something out of the way first: Sydney, and New South Wales, for that matter, is not the sunniest place in Australia. Despite that, however, NSW is still one of the best places on Earth for installing solar panels. I’m talking affordable solar installation costs through incentives, an otherworldly return on your investment, a shorter-than-average payback … Read more

When Are Solar Panels Most Efficient?

The idea of switching to solar energy is certainly appealing, especially in Australia where we’re getting more sunlight than most other countries. But, as you likely already know, power output from your solar panels can vary throughout the day. This brings us to the question: When are solar panels most efficient? I’m answering that and … Read more

What Is The Best Angle For Solar Panels In Australia?

You’ve likely noticed your electricity bills climb up over the years, leading you to look into solar panels. But, since the upfront cost also makes solar a hefty investment, you understandably want to get the most of your money, too. Hence, why you’re asking: What is the best angle for solar panels in Australia? The … Read more