When Are Solar Panels Most Efficient?

The idea of switching to solar energy is certainly appealing, especially in Australia where we’re getting more sunlight than most other countries. But, as you likely already know, power output from your solar panels can vary throughout the day. This brings us to the question: When are solar panels most efficient? I’m answering that and … Read more

What Is The Best Angle For Solar Panels In Australia?

You’ve likely noticed your electricity bills climb up over the years, leading you to look into solar panels. But, since the upfront cost also makes solar a hefty investment, you understandably want to get the most of your money, too. Hence, why you’re asking: What is the best angle for solar panels in Australia? The … Read more

How Does Shade Affect Solar Panels? | All You Need To Know

Since you’re here, I’m assuming you know that installing solar panels can potentially save you thousands of money but you’re also worried about your roof’s shading conditions. Or, more specifically, how does shade affect solar panels? The short answer is that shade reduces the power output of your solar system because it’s not receiving as … Read more

Best Solar Feed-In Tariff – WA | Profit From Solar Energy

Western Australia isn’t like any other part of the country in terms of energy. More specifically to this topic, WA technically doesn’t have feed-in tariffs. Instead, residents here enjoy the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (or DEBS for short). WA also only has 2 options for energy retailers: Synergy and Horizon Power. Both of them offer … Read more