How Many Solar Panels for 6.6kw: Your Guide to Sizing Your Solar System

How many solar panels for a 6.6kw system in Australia?

When sizing a solar system for your home, there are three main factors you need to take into account: how much electricity you use, how much sunlight your roof space gets, and the size of your budget.

In this blog post, we will walk you through how to determine how many panels for 6.6kw solar system. We will also provide some tips on how to reduce the cost of your solar system!

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How many solar panels for a 6.6kw system in Australia?

The number of solar panels required for a 6.6kW solar system is determined by the panel wattage and efficiency. The majority of panels on the market today (2022) have a wattage of 370 watts.

If you use 370-watt solar panels, you’ll need at least 18-25 panels to reach 6.6 kW solar system.

However, with solar, it isn’t always as simple as that.

The number of panels required for a home solar project can vary depending on a number of factors: including

  • the roof space and shape,
  • the amount of sunlight your home receives,
  • the efficiency of the solar panels,
  • how much power you want to generate, and more.

In an ideal world, your solar panels would be exposed to the greatest amount of sunshine, have the best orientation, be free of shade, and be top-tier quality. This isn’t always the case, however. While 18 panels may seem like 6.6kw on paper, things are rarely that simple in reality.

We will go into more detail below but for now, if you’re looking for an installer’s quote, you can expect them to recommend between 18-25 panels.

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How much cash will a 6.6kw solar system earn?

If you’ve been thinking about installing solar panels on your home, you’ve probably wondered how much they’ll cost. After all, if the system offset your energy use, shouldn’t it eliminate your bill entirely? Not exactly. Here’s how a 6.6kW solar PV system may affect your power bill.

Let’s assume you get paid about 8c per kWh for surplus energy (some Australian power companies give more) compared to 32c per kWh (2022 average) to buy back electricity from the mains grid. Let’s look at how the 6.6kW system payback works in three distinct circumstances.

  1. Unless your home has an extremely unique and specific electricity-consuming problem, you are unlikely to be able to utilize the entirety of the solar power supplied by 6.6kW systems. Even with running a small business operating from your home, it is still difficult to completely consume all the solar electricity generated by a 6.6kW system. However, if you are able to do so, you could save a significant amount of money on your electricity bill. In the first year, you would save approximately $2772, and over 20 years, you could save around $80,000. These savings are significant and worth considering if you are able to use all the solar electricity generated by a 6.6kW system in your home.
  2. If you export 50% of your excess electricity at 8c per kWh, you’ll save over $1800 in your first year. This is what most households save with a 6.6 kWh solar panels system.
  3. You could save approximately $900 over the first year by exporting all of the power generated.

P.S.: This topic is better covered in our blog about net metering.

How long before a 6.6kw solar power system pays for itself in Australia?

A 6.6kw solar panel system is a sizeable investment, but it can quickly pay for itself through savings on electricity bills.

In Australia, the average cost of electricity is $0.32 per kilowatt-hour, so a 6.6kw system would save you around $1,800 per year. With the average installation cost of a solar power system being $6,500, it would take 3-5 years for the 6.6 kwh solar system to pay for itself.

Solar power systems typically have a lifespan of 25 years or more, so you can enjoy many years of savings once your initial investment has been repaid.

How much does a 6.6kw solar panel system cost? 

The average cost of a 6.6kw solar panel system in Australia is around $6500. However, the price can vary depending on the size and type of system, as well as the installation costs.

In general, systems with more panels will cost more, but they will also generate more electricity. The type of solar inverters and installation costs also play a role in the final price.

There are many different solar panel arrays and solar battery storage systems on the market for a 6.6kwh configuration. A professional solar installer will walk you through which system is best for your needs.

With solar panel systems becoming increasingly popular, there are a number of financing options available, which can make the upfront cost more manageable.

Overall, a 6.6kw solar panel system is a significant investment, but it can save money on energy bills in the long run and help to protect the environment.

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What can I run on a 6.6kw solar system?

A 6.6kW solar system can power a home with average daily electricity consumption of 18-20kWh.

This would include appliances such as a fridge, washing machine, television, and air conditioner. In terms of specific items that you could run on a 6.6kW solar system, this would depend on your particular home and electricity usage.

However, as a general guide, you could expect to power the following:

-4 x 100w light bulbs for 5 hours per day

-1 x fridge for 24 hours per day

-1 x washing machine for 2 hours per day

-1 x television for 4 hours per day

Of course, this is just a guide and your actual electricity usage may be higher or lower than this.

A 6.6kW solar system is a good option for families with average electricity usage who are looking to reduce their energy bills.

Is 6.6kw solar panel array enough to run a house?

A 6.6kw solar panel array will generate around 30kWh of electricity per day, so it is more than enough to run a typical Australian home.

In fact, a 6.6kw system installed using the Clean Energy Council guidelines will usually generate more electricity than the home needs, so the excess can be fed back into the grid (in most states you get paid for this).

If you live in an area with very little sunlight, it may be necessary to install a larger solar system. However, for most homes in Australia, a 6.6kw solar panel array is the most popular option.


how much energy does a 6kw solar system produce?

How much energy a 6kW solar system produces depends on many factors, including peak sunshine hours, the orientation of the panels, and others. But, on average, a 6kW solar system can generate up to 25 kWhs of electricity – and that’s more than enough to power the average Australian home.

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How many panels in a 6kw solar system?

How many solar panels you’ll need for a 6kW system will depend on the power rating of those panels. The higher the power rating, the fewer panels you’ll need. For example, you’ll need roughly 16 solar panels if they’re rated for 370 watts but you will only need 15 if they’re rated for 400 watts.

What is a 6kw solar system?

6kW refers to the generating capacity of the solar system. 6 to 6.6kW is also the most commonly installed in Australia. Installing this system costs roughly $6000 dollars (with rebates) and will require anywhere from 16-25 solar panels.

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