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Who are The Local Bunch?

Honesty, transparency, and education. We make it easy for installers AND customers.

At Local Bunch, our approach to lead generation is centred on education. We believe that the key to generating high-quality leads is to first educate them on the benefits of solar energy first.

Our goal is not to “trick” people into giving us their information, but rather to build trust and establish a solid foundation. Prepping the lead for a sale.

The slow and steady approach to lead generation ultimately leads to better leads for installers and happier customers.

By taking this approach, everyone involved understands the process and customers are more likely to purchase.

How many solar panels for 5kw system?
How many solar panels for a 6.6kw system in Australia?

Power to the INSTALLER

Control Your Lead Generation

Controlling your lead generation is key to the success of your business. Consistent and reliable leads means you can grow you business without the worry of leads drying up.

We provide

  • No lock-in contracts
  • Set daily/weekly lead caps
  • Choose your service areas
  • Easily pause/re-activate your account
  • Dedicated Australian support team

Solar Leads In Australia

How Does It Work?

6.6 kw Solar Systems in Toowong installed by quality and trusted solar installers in Nudgee Beach

Local Bunch simplifies solar sales by bridging the gap between installers and Australian buyers.

We attract customers through wide-ranging online advertisements, informative content, and expert advice.

Potential clients specify their solar needs via a 10-step online form. Our referral engine matches them with up to three suitable installers, including you, based on their location and needs.

You’ll receive these qualified leads’ details, then it’s over to you to convert and install.

We charge per lead, with no commission on sales. Post-installation, customers review your service, boosting your credibility and sparking word-of-mouth sales.


What Our Customers Say

Local Bunch Solar
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Chris and B.
Chris and B.
Got 3 quotes through these guys. Great experience. All good companies they recommended and the template they sent us to help we compare the companies was a big help. Happily now installed a 6.6kw system.
Reefe E.
Reefe E.
Local Bunch has been a real game-changer for us when it comes to generating extra leads on a consistent basis. The whole control thing - deciding when and where we get the leads - it's a big win for us. What's more, Local Bunch freely dishes out great info to those thinking about going solar, acting as a kind of shining light in the industry. We often point our customers to their blog posts to back up what we're saying and give them a deeper understanding of all things solar.
Rob K
Rob K
Thank you Local Bunch for providing such great quality free info on solar installations and systems. The three companies you put us in touch with were professional and the quotes were great with lots of value. I have much more confidence talking to Solar installers now that I have a better understanding.
Christopher M.
Christopher M.
Thank you so much for the informative and super helpful free information - it gave me the confidence to contact solar installers and know that I won’t get ripped off. The 3 solar installers that local bunch connected me with were professional and gave me great quotes. Thank you!
Genevieve M.
Genevieve M.
Thanks so much for helping me understand solar. After we got 3 recommendations which were so great, we have now Installed a solar system - thank you!
Emily S.
Emily S.
Thank you so much for the excellent solar information. I read your solar 101 guide and then requested three quotes. All the solar installers were very professional and provided great quotes. In the end we went with the middle one. Great price and now our solar system is all installed. Very happy! Thank you very much.
Nicky D.
Nicky D.
Excellent website. Gave me confidence to talk to solar installers and ensure I didn't get ripped off. Have a great 6.6kw system now. Thank you so much for your free advice and help.
Simone F.
Simone F.
Awesome website very helpful with choosing what was the right product. The information provided was extremely comprehensive and as a consumer made my job a lot easier!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the review Simone πŸ™‚ Glad we could help on your solar journey.
lisa W.
lisa W.
We are so grateful for the amazing solar information and articles you provided us! Thanks to your recommendations, we were connected with three top-notch solar installers and ended up installing a 6.6 kilowatt system. Your website gave us the confidence we needed throughout the entire process. Highly recommend & very helpful!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the review Lisa πŸ™‚ Glad we could help on your solar journey.
Russell F.
Russell F.
When we started out on our solar journey we had know idea what to do. Then we found the local bunch website and it started to make sense for us. Even down to getting an idea of what size system we needed before we ever filled out a form on a random website and then becoming the target of aggressive marketing like other website we looked at. This gave us confidence right up front. Then when we asked for a quote the three installers we were connected with were really helpful and quality companies. Thanks again LB Solar
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the review Russell πŸ™‚ Glad we could help on your solar journey.
Leigh R.
Leigh R.
These guys are great!As someone new to this space, I really appreciated the valuable solar information and articles you provided.The three solar installers you referred me to were high quality, and as a result, I have installed an 8 kilowatt solar system. The information on your website gave me confidence throughout the process and I would highly recommend checking these guys out if you're in the market for solar.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for your kind words Leigh. So glad you had a great experience with installing your solar. Glad we could help. πŸ™‚
K D.
K D.
Firstly, thank you for all the great solar information and articles. The three solar installers I was connected with were quality and I am now the proud owner of an 8 kilowatt system! I felt confident during the process because of the information available on your website.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the review. πŸ™‚ Glad we could help on your solar journey.
Silvia C
Silvia C
The website has comprehensive and easy to understand information about solar panels, batteries and government rebates. It clarified lots of questions I had. Very quickly, I heard from three solar installers who are coming out to give me a quote.
Response from the owner: Thanks for your review Silivia! Glad we could help on your solar journey.
Mark C.
Mark C.
Highly recommend checking these guys out if you're looking for good quality solar installation at an affordable price. There's a handy calculator on their site and you can get three quotes from professional local installers quickly and easily. Made our search so much easier!
Response from the owner: Thanks for your review Mark! Glad we could help on your solar journey.
lo K.
lo K.
Thanks so much for the free solar information. Really helped me understand solar and find a good installer. There's a heap of articles that explain everything in detail. I use their 3 quoting service in the end as well and got some quality installers.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the review Kelly πŸ™‚ Glad we could help on your solar journey. Wish you all the best with your solar installers.

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Quality doesn’t stop at our leads. We want our installers to be quality too.

To qualify for our leads you must meet these minimum requirements.

  • Have an ABN and be registered for GST
  • The appropriate Contracting Licence
  • Have been operating in the solar industry in Australia for at least 12 months, or have more than 12 months of experience in the Australian solar industry
  • Sell reputable hardware and provide quality installations
  • Have proof of satisfied customers and provide good customer service post-install
  • Have systems in place for receiving and servicing leads.
  • Must have a Rapid Response policy of following up on solar sales leads within one business day
  • Must provide a comprehensive quote including estimated yields and payback projections.