Solar System Size Limits: Export Limits Per State (2024)

When you first think about putting up solar panels, you may get super excited about putting up a ton everywhere. Totally understandable; we all want to reduce electricity bills, right? But have you ever wondered if there are solar system size limits? Yes, yes, there are. They’re put up by your local electricity network company, … Read more

Solar Self-Consumption: It’s How You Maximize Your Savings

Today, it’s a well-known fact that investing in solar panels will help you save money, especially in the long run. What’s relatively less known, however, is how solar self-consumption keeps even more of your hard-earned cash away from the greedy power companies. That, and more, is what I’m here to talk about. This article focuses … Read more

AC Vs. DC Battery For Solar Panels

Batteries help you maximize all the energy your solar system produces, but choosing one can be a bit of a headache. From brands to capacities, all these things can be confusing. To help you narrow down your choices, though, let’s talk about the differences between an AC and DC battery for solar panels. If you’re … Read more

East-Facing Solar Panels: Making The Most of The Sunrise

You probably already know that the direction your solar panels face is crucial to how much energy they generate. Heck, you might even know that north is your most optimal option. But what if your roof is facing east? Are east-facing solar panels a viable option, too? Well, absolutely! Installing solar panels on an east-facing … Read more

Transformerless Inverter: Lighter, Leaner, and Smarter

The transformerless inverter is a true game-changer in renewable energy. It’s not just another option; it’s quickly becoming a favorite for many, thanks to its knack for pushing efficiency to new heights while keeping things sleek and cost-effective. But what exactly sets it apart from the traditional inverters we’re used to? Apart from it not … Read more

Solar Conduit On Roof: What You Need To Know

While a solar panel array does, indeed, save you tons of money over their lifespans, there are also safety and aesthetic concerns that might discourage you from making the switch. One of the many great solutions, though, is a well-planned solar conduit system, whether that be on or in your roof. In a nutshell, solar … Read more